Subtraction Project - The Financial Edition

Subtraction Project The Financial Edition Is this you? You’ve put your head firmly in the sand when it comes to your finances and it’s time to see the light, get on track, set some goals and please God, one day, retire. You’re doing better then you’ve ever done financially….but it still feels like you’re a sinking ship. You’re pretty sure you missed the week of school where they taught you about this stuff. (You didn’t. It’s never taught.) What you can expect: The same type of actionable steps that you have gotten from the Subtraction Project but all related to your financial life. So you’ll be able to keep up, you’ll be able to understand your finances and by the end of the 30 days you’ll have some real goals and ways to track your success. Topics include: Figuring out the state of your financial life - no more head in the sand for you. What type of budget is right for you - it’s not one size fits all. Put the shovel down, it’s time to stop digging this hole. Debt. The good, the bad and the really ugly. Different tactics to eliminate and which one will work best for you based on your personality. Money and your kids from college funds, to allowances, to what you’re modeling. Saving. How to do it, where to put it and where to start. Each of the actionable prompts should take you between 5-15 minutes to action on AT MOST. If every year you’ve said to yourself: This is the year I get a hold of my finances and after a day of banging your head against the wall you’ve given up then this is the right course for you. Taking daily steps in the right direction is the path to a better financial life.

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